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Mathias Sterner for Kalinka Yarn


Carl Kleiner, Hermes, stilllife, photographer, photographer agency, mink mgmt

Carl Kleiner for Hermès mens ss17 ties, in collaboration with Evelina Kleiner


Joel Rhodin for A Perfect Guide


Pär Olofsson shot Åsa Ljungnelius for Plaza Interior

2017.01.26 Tags:

Oscar Falk, Marc Aurel, fashion, lifestyle, mink mgmt

Oscar Falk for Marc Aurel ss17

2017.01.17 Tags:

Hedvig Jenning, Marie Claire France, Mink Mgmt, editorial, photographer, photographer agent

Hedvig Jenning for Marie Claire France

2017.01.13 Tags:

Oscar Falk, editorial, plaza magazine, photography, photographer, mink mgmt

Happy New Year! Cover shot by Oscar Falk

2017.01.02 Tags:

Calle Stoltz for book Taco Loco

2016.12.23 Tags:

Mathias Sterner – The Audiolord for Pause

2016.12.23 Tags:


Oscar Falk for Berkeley

2016.12.19 Tags:

Calle Stoltz shot Erik Niva for Café Magazine

2016.12.13 Tags:

Joel Rhodin for Adidas x Mini Rodini

2016.12.09 Tags:
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