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Oscar Falk, Kult, Mink Mgmt, male model, fashion, editorial, photographer, photography

Now representing photographer Oscar Falk!

2016.08.18 Tags:

Ikea collab with Martin Bergström

Thomas Klementsson for Ikea / Martin Bergström collab “Svärtan” – in stores world wide Sept 9th.

2016.08.17 Tags:

Synsam, Thomas Klementsson, portrait, photographer, photographer agency, advertising, mink mgmt

Synsam: TVC and print campaign by Thomas KLementsson

2016.07.08 Tags:

Carl Kleiner, Stella Artois, photographer, still life, photographs, advertising, photographer agent, photographer agency, fotografagent, shoot, mink mgmt

Carl Kleiner for Stella Artois

2016.06.28 Tags:

Jesse Laitinen, Unpolished Magazine, unpolished, unpolished magazine, photographer agent, model, fashion photography, photographer, editorial, mink mgmt

Jesse Laitinen for Unpolished Magazine

2016.06.17 Tags:


Carl Kleiner and EVELINA Kleiner for Mondial

2016.06.15 Tags:

Jesse Laitinen, Rollacoaster, Fendi, Brian Whittaker, fashion photography, editorial, photographer agent, mink mgmt

Jesse Laitinen shot Brian Whittaker in a Fendi special for Rollacoaster

2016.06.14 Tags:

Carl Kleiner, Planters, Leo Burnett, photographer, photographers agency, photographer agent, mr peanut, advertising, still life

Carl KLeiner for Planters, Turtle Sundae

2016.06.13 Tags:

Panasonic- Olympic Games 2016

Bohman+Sjöstrand for Panasonic, main sponsor of the olympic games 2016

2016.06.09 Tags: