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 Foxall studio, brothers Andrew and Iain, specialises in creative direction and design for the high end fashion and luxury sector. They did the art direction for Ponysteps first celebrated issue, The inspiration issue, with Jerry Hall and Kylie Minogue separately on the cover.

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Diversions- Sayan Isaksson

Bohman+Sjöstrand shot a striking dark series for the restaurant Esperanto. The images goes well with the fine dining and unexpected, yet so clever, combinations that you can enjoy in the old theatre that hosts the restaurant.

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 If you have been on the London Tube lately you should have been able to see Carl Kleiners work for Avios. 
The campaign is called “Anything can fly” and was shot in a couple of upside down days in a London studio. It sure flies with us.

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Happy New year!

welcome to MINK MGMT / Mink Management! We are so happy to get started and to introduce you to the incredible artists that we represent. it is going to be a great year.

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