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A Maiden To Her Mirror. Mathias Sterner for Dossier Journal

2012.11.15 Tags:

Carl Kleiner shot the Christmas campaign for Arlanda Shopping,  with Attributverket as prop makers

2012.11.05 Tags: ,

Mathias Sterner shot some of swedens most interesting designers for Aplace Magazine’s 5th anniversary

2012.11.02 Tags:

Whyred Mathias Sterner

Mathias Sterner for Whyred AW12. The collection is inspired by the clash between natural shapes and coulors and the modern elements of man-made objects and architecture. The German romantic painter Caspar David Friedrich’s landscape incorporate all things – the ephemeral being of man against nature’s everlasting existence.

2012.10.02 Tags:

We are happy to welcome prop makers Attributverket to our group of creatives! Attributverket are Jean-Louis von Dardel, Mattias Berg and Thomas Feuk. Their collective expertise includes prop making, model building, set construction, FX make up, sculpting, painting and mechanics.

2012.09.11 Tags:

Carl Kleiner on his series Lollipops: “I’m a collector of different materials, and I have a lot of samples arranged in my studio window. I re-arrange them every now and then – it is like my Japanese garden. One hot summer day I built a composition looking like an ice cream that I felt Ettore Sottsass would have liked, and I felt very inspired and made this series.”

2012.09.11 Tags:

Foxall Studio created the beautiful design for the upcoming Bora Aksu show at London Fashion Week.

2012.09.11 Tags:

Bohman+Sjöstrand shot the wonderful collection of leather travel cases, Nécessaire de Voyage, for Byredo Perfums.

2012.09.11 Tags:

Autumn is here! Mathias Sterner shot the beautiful images for Weekday AW12.

2012.09.11 Tags:

Don’t miss Carl Kleiner’s group exhibition in the Brancolini Grimaldi gallery in London. “There’s something happening here” opens September 14th.

2012.09.11 Tags:

London Luxury Quarter collaborated with Foxall Studio on their concept, identity and campaign. The client wanted to help shoppers find their way around the area with the new app. Drawing inspiration from the film Powers of Ten by Charles and Ray Eames, Foxall Studio took an aerial view on it.

2012.09.11 Tags:

Åhléns department stores chose Bohman+Sjöstrand to shoot their comestics

2012.09.11 Tags:

A lot of new beautiful art work in the art shop, like this stunning piece by Carl Kleiner – here.

2012.05.31 Tags: