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Bohman+Sjöstrand – gin & Titonic for nowness.

April the 14th marks a century since the “unsinkable” Titanic struck an iceberg and sank in the Atlantic Ocean. Bohman+Sjöstrand interprets the last orders of Glenn O’Brien,   Margherita Missoni, Jeremy Langmead, Nico Muhly, Jennifer Rubell and Josephine de la Baume for Nowness.

2012.04.13 Tags:

Made of imagination.
Carl Kleiner shot the PRINT ads for Sony Xperia. Carl was in good company, Wes Anderson directed the film. Each concept is brought to life with hand made real models to illustrate what is inside the smartphone. Play. Watch. Listen. Create.

2012.03.29 Tags:

Foxall Studio created a print for PPQ’s AW12 collection. The leopard inspired print is made out of P’s, Q’s and little love hearts. FOXALL APPLIED the print on the fabrics as well as in the graphic design for the celebrated fashion label.

2012.03.29 Tags:

mathias sterner shot the images for the exhibition for new fashion brand nor autonom. The exhibition opens at JUS, brunnsgatan 7, on march 29th. see you there!


2012.03.27 Tags:

Stockholm Food District

Opening tonight at sturegallerian – bohman+sjöstrand for stockholm food district. Enjoy the 15 images until march 31st all over sturegallerian, stockholm


2012.03.08 Tags:

Goran Kajfes

A huge congratulations to lovely Goran Kajfes on winning the Nordic Music Prize for album XY! Shot by Carl Kleiner



2012.02.16 Tags:

Mathias Sterner for Weekdays – Campaign for their latest collaboration with talented Central St Martins graduates William Hendry and Rejina Pyo, winner of the prestigious Han Nefkens Fashion Award 2012.

2012.02.10 Tags:

Carl Kleiner shot the Opera Soap for The Royal Swedish Opera. It brings singing in the shower to a whole new level. Find out more at

2012.02.10 Tags:

Fashion week is upon us in Stockholm!

Andrew and Iain Foxall have been invited to speak at Fashion Talks 2012. Fashion Talks is being held on Feb 1st at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Pavilion and will explore the changing role of the consumer and how trends in technology, lifestyles and business models are reshaping the consumer’s expectations and opportunities for consuming fashion. Interested? Get in touch, we have a few seats reserved.

2012.01.29 Tags:

Carl Kleiner teams up with Ikea again. This time they asked Carl, together with stylist Evelina Kleiner, to put together and capture ways to spend the budget you get when you buy a kitchen at Ikea.

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 Foxall studio, brothers Andrew and Iain, specialises in creative direction and design for the high end fashion and luxury sector. They did the art direction for Ponysteps first celebrated issue, The inspiration issue, with Jerry Hall and Kylie Minogue separately on the cover.

2012.01.09 Tags:

Diversions- Sayan Isaksson

Bohman+Sjöstrand shot a striking dark series for the restaurant Esperanto. The images goes well with the fine dining and unexpected, yet so clever, combinations that you can enjoy in the old theatre that hosts the restaurant.

2012.01.01 Tags:

 If you have been on the London Tube lately you should have been able to see Carl Kleiners work for Avios. 
The campaign is called “Anything can fly” and was shot in a couple of upside down days in a London studio. It sure flies with us.

2012.01.01 Tags:

Happy New year!

welcome to MINK MGMT / Mink Management! We are so happy to get started and to introduce you to the incredible artists that we represent. it is going to be a great year.

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