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Attributverket prop makers Lyko & Co launch MINK MGMT. Creative agency

Prop Makers Attributverket for Lynk & Co

2016.10.26 Tags:

Attributverket, Sibylla, VOLT, MINK MGMT.

Attributverket made the costumes for theese cute kids

2016.08.19 Tags:


Carl Kleiner directed the 5 films presenting the winners of H&M Global Change Award

2016.02.02 Tags: ,

Carl Kleiner, H&M, H&M Global Award

Carl Kleiner’s film for H&M Global change award. Props made by Attributverket. The Global Change Award takes on one of the biggest challenges facing today’s fashion industry – to create fashion for a growing population  while reducing its impact on the environment.

2015.08.28 Tags: ,

Flygresor, prop makers, cats

Attributverket made the props for, check out the commercial here.

2015.01.08 Tags: