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Calle Stoltz for Icon Magazine

2017.03.06 Tags:

Calle Stoltz for book Taco Loco

2016.12.23 Tags:

Calle Stoltz shot Erik Niva for Café Magazine

2016.12.13 Tags:



Calle Stoltz shot the new campaign for Volvo – It’s your Journey

2016.05.12 Tags:

BOY Magazine

Calle Stoltz for Boy Magazine

2016.03.02 Tags:

Calle Stoltz, Lucky Blue Smith, H&M, HM, photographer, advertising, fashion

Calle Stoltz shot top Model Lucky Blue Smith for H&M 

2016.01.21 Tags:

Calle Stoltz, ETON Shirts, ETON of Sweden, balloons,

Calle Stoltz for Eton shirts

2016.01.19 Tags: