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Carl Kleiner in Collab with Evelina Kleiner: Med & Utan

2017.10.06 Tags:

Carl Kleiner, Metsäboard

Carl Kleiner for Metsäboard, in collaboration with Evelina Kleiner

2017.08.28 Tags:

New personal Diary work from Carl Kleiner

2017.07.06 Tags:

Carl Kleiner, Calvin Klein

Carl Kleiner shot the Calvin Klein All campaign

2017.03.23 Tags:

Carl Kleiner, H&M, Happy Plugs, H&M happy plugs, still life, set design. photographer, mink mgmt

Carl Kleiner for H&M and Happy Plugs collaboration

2016.11.21 Tags:

Carl Kleiner

New personal work from Carl Kleiner – Perception

2016.11.15 Tags:

Carl Kleiner, Nike, Tmall, advertising,

Carl Kleiner for Nike / TMall

2016.11.08 Tags:

Carl Kleiner, Evelina Kleiner, personal, photography, set design, stilllife, mink mgmt

Personal project from Carl & Evelina Kleiner: Modified leftovers

2016.10.18 Tags:

Carl Kleiner Flos Mink Mgmt Photographer agency Still

New work from Carl Kleiner for Flos

2016.09.26 Tags: