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Hedvig Jenning shot Anna Klevhag for Elle Sweden

2017.04.20 Tags:

Hedvig Jenning, The Guardian, Mink mgmgt

New work from Hedvig Jenning for The Guardian Fashion

2017.03.14 Tags:

Hedvig Jenning, Marie Claire France, Mink Mgmt, editorial, photographer, photographer agent

Hedvig Jenning for Marie Claire France

2017.01.13 Tags:

El Perro del Mar - KoKoro

Hedvig Jenning directed Kokoro for El Perro del Mar

2016.11.08 Tags:

hedvig Jenning, marie claire france, marie claire, mink mgmt

Hedvig Jenning for Marie Claire France

2016.09.27 Tags:

Hedvig Jenning, mink mgmt,

Toch my blanket by Hedvig Jenning for Bon Magazine and Amaze Sthlm

2016.09.08 Tags: