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Thomas Klementsson teams up with designer Martin Bergström again. This time Thomas captured Martin’s patterns for Sidenkompaniet night wear.

2014.12.12 Tags:


Thomas Klementsson shot artist Anton Alvarez for Wired UK’s coverage of “Design For the Future”.


2014.10.03 Tags:

Frida Gustavsson, Thomas Klementsson

Thomas Klementsson shot Frida Gustavsson for Plaza Magazine.


2014.09.18 Tags:

Thomas_152-153Not only was Thomas Klementsson invited to shoot for One Own Personal, he was also one of the subjects and interviewed. Photo: Martin Vallin.


2014.09.17 Tags:

encens magazine, weekday, thomas klementsson, mink mgmt

Thomas Klementsson shot Ann-Sofie Back for the book One own personal – a collaboration between Weekday and encens magazine.

2014.09.15 Tags:

Thomas Klementsson, Arvid Nordqvist, coffee

Arvid Nordqvist Classic Coffee – directed by Thomas Klementsson


2014.09.08 Tags: