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Thomas Klementsson for Byredo “Flowerheads are strung together on giant leis, including Jaimala garlands which are exchanged between bride and groom as a token of mutual respect. Couples are often showered with petals by the groom’s brother for spiritual protection. Flowers are abundant; from the mandap wedding canopy, which is entirely covered in exotic blooms, to the spiritual pooja rooms and verandahs, the explosion of colour is wildly celebratory and the scent is overwhelming.”

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Thomas Klementsson shot the lovely Mona Johannesson for Mikas Koivisto Karlsson

2013.10.25 Tags:

THOMAS KLEMENTSSON, PLAZA MAGAZINE, editorial, fashion, coat

Autumn styles shot by Thomas Klementsson in Plaza Magazine

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Thomas Klementsson, Weekday

More lovely images from Thomas Klementsson for Weekday, out now

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Thomas Klementsson, Weekday

Thomas Klementsson Dark days / Look sharp for Weekday!

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mas Klementsson, Maria Nilsdotter Jewellery

Thomas Klementsson shot Maria Nilsdotter’s gorgeous SS14 jewellry collection

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